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I haven't been able to get LJ to load all week, so for the moment this is a DW exclusive.

I've Never (or Never Have I Ever for the more formal/less lazy) is a party game that I've played many, many a time. You say something you haven't done, and then everyone who has done it gets a point and/or takes a drink. In my group of friends this involves much discussion about what does or does not count and how to define things, and the telling of stories about the things you've done, not done, or almost maybe done depending on the meaning of a word or a technical detail.

But here we are talking about what Kon has done!

Just jump in and leave comments, no turns or anything like that. There are two kinds of threads to play.

1. Leave a top-level comment saying something you have never done (or possibly something another character has never done). Then people reply to this saying whether or not Kon has done it.

2. Leave a top-level comment saying something Kon has never done. Then people reply to this saying whether or not they have done it (or possibly that another character has).

Check the example comments if you're confused. Have fun!

Kon Koans

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 04:14 pm
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Firstly, I'm thinking of extending this thing through July, because there haven't been very many fills for all the lovely lovely prompts we got. Hopefully giving a bit more time will get some more results. What do you folks think? Also, I encourage you to join the comm if you haven't already, as some posts may be member-locked, and I will also open up posting to all members so if anyone has any fun ideas, go ahead and post them! After the end of the official fest the comm will continue to exist that way for all Kon-related items.

Next, scans!

What are some of your favorite canon Kon moments, especially the ones that best serve to illustrate his essential Kon nature? The little things in amongst the plots and relationships that really show who he is?

scientist tied in steel bow knot

A certain clone has just escaped from his tube and tied up the scientist guarding him, as you do. With a steel pipe, as you do if you have superstrength. In a pretty little bow, as you do if you are Kon. It's a nice little touch in one of his first panels that shows what they were going for when they introduced him.

This entry on LJ.


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 10:51 am
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This requires Flash (though not that Flash): and you can put together a picture puzzle. The subject of the picture is fairly obvious, right? Have fun! (And don't let the bastards grind you down.)
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You've probably all seen anonymous love memes before, yes? Well, if you haven't, what happens is that people leave their own names or other people's names in comments, and then go through and reply to comments and tell everyone how awesome they are and how much they love them.

But this is a Kononymous Love Meme, so it's with a twist!

Step 1: Leave a top-level comment with your own username, someone else's name, or a fictional character's name. You may be logged-in or anon for this part.

Step 2: Make anon replies to these comments as Kon, telling people what you love about them and how amazing they are! Pick any version of Kon you want, from any medium or era! Please make these comments anon! Just channel the Kon-love!

Check the first thread here for an example.

This post on LJ.
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I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to run this whole comm; since I'm planning on doing stuff for the next two months, there is lots of time and space for input from you lovely folks! I do want this to seem like a very long, virtual birthday party, so I'm trying to think of games we can play online, and ways we can maybe get together to read/watch the same thing at once. What are some activities you would like to do? Things I'm considering are recs, scans, music, round-robin fic, and silly discussion posts. Possible games include hangman, puzzles, a scavenger hunt, pictionary, and Kon Has Never. But I'm not sure how to virtualize all of them! I'll probably post once or twice a week, but I don't want to set too firm a schedule. So please comment with any suggestions, questions, anything!

Now on to Hangman. For those who don't know, each dash represents a letter, and you leave a comment guessing one letter. If it's in the word, I'll reveal it. If it's not, the little guy gains a limb. When he has fully materialized on the platform, he is dead. If the word is guessed, he is saved! If you guess the word, you win, uh, the satisfaction of heroically saving his life?


Letters of fail: KATSMRD

[ profile] kirax2 cracks the alien life code and saves the little dude!

(For DW, it's actually easiest if you leave Hangman guesses on the LJ post, so all of them are in the same place. I don't want to discriminate against DW! I love it best! But more people are watching the LJ comm. All other suggestions can definitely go here!)


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