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Prompts for the fic/art/vid/etc Kon-a-thon

One of the goals of the 18th Anniversary Kon-a-thon is to see a little extra rush of Kon-centric fanworks for the next few months. To that end, we're gathering prompts here!

Prompts can be for any medium, genre, pairing, anything, so long as they're about some version of Kon.

Now, I'm going to try to make this as easy as possible, for me, for you, for everyone. (Kon likes easy.) Leave prompts in comments to this post. You can be logged in, OpenID, or anon. Put as few or as many prompts in each comment as you like. Format them however. There are copies of this post on both LJ and DW.

Last day for prompting is April 30. Then, May 1 or shortly thereafter, I will cross-post master lists of all prompts to LJ and DW.

There is no claiming or anything. I will also make master posts on LJ and DW for dropping links to finished works. In those posts you can put any kind of fanwork about any kind of Kon, whether in response to a prompt here or not. Then at the end of June, I will make a master list of all the finished works, as well.

So! Is there anything you have been wanting from Kon? Prompt it here! Hopefully it will inspire someone. Check out the prompts here, hopefully you will be inspired!


EDIT: PLEASE ONLY LEAVE PROMPTS HERE. Completed fanworks go in this post instead or on LiveJournal.

There are also more prompts on LJ.

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