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I've Never (the Don't Do Anything Kon Wouldn't Do remix)

I haven't been able to get LJ to load all week, so for the moment this is a DW exclusive.

I've Never (or Never Have I Ever for the more formal/less lazy) is a party game that I've played many, many a time. You say something you haven't done, and then everyone who has done it gets a point and/or takes a drink. In my group of friends this involves much discussion about what does or does not count and how to define things, and the telling of stories about the things you've done, not done, or almost maybe done depending on the meaning of a word or a technical detail.

But here we are talking about what Kon has done!

Just jump in and leave comments, no turns or anything like that. There are two kinds of threads to play.

1. Leave a top-level comment saying something you have never done (or possibly something another character has never done). Then people reply to this saying whether or not Kon has done it.

2. Leave a top-level comment saying something Kon has never done. Then people reply to this saying whether or not they have done it (or possibly that another character has).

Check the example comments if you're confused. Have fun!

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