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Do you have any songs that remind you of Kon in some way? I'm including a little mix behind the cut. Please comment with any links of your own to other mixes or to individual songs you think are appropriate! Or just tell us what they are and discuss!

Superboy: Superman In The Son Sun
a Kon-El fanmix

zip file on megaupload

I Am Superman by REM - I would never ever ever put this in a Clark mix because that would just be tacky, but for Kon just out of the tube? Oh yes indeed.

In The Summertime by Thirsty Merc - And then he goes to Hawaii because they have nice tropical beaches.

The News by Carbon/Silicon - I have this theory that some superheroes are about decreasing the amount of bad in the world and some are about increasing the amount of good. Kon is definitely the latter.

Church Of Hot Addiction by Cobra Starship - Okay, this one I actually like to imagine him doing karaoke to, with some little changes to the lyrics, of course. "Tonight K-O-N gonna get you high, my love is tactile telekinetic, hey hey hey!"

Beer For My Horses by Toby Keith & Willie Nelson - Having fun while doing the right thing, and the "grandpappy told my pappy" line is hilarious as Jonathan Kent to Clark.

Starman by David Bowie - Superman is the starman and Kon is the boy who just wants to sparkle enough for him.

Inheritance by New Model Army - This is apparently my go-to song for all fictional characters with parental issues, because it is just that apt. Now we have worked our way up to Kon learning he's the Son of Clex, obviously.

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down - Another one that would be tacky to be about Clark, but honestly I have long wanted to do a Smallville Lex POV vid to it, and I think it works for Kon being Luthored, too.

Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance - And then he died. :( Suggested by my housemate K.

Human by The Killers - The new angsty angry emo cartoon Superboy just wants to be good enough.

Touchdown Turnaround (Don't Give Up On Me) by Hellogoodbye - And the trouble with doing it in chronological order is that it starts out happy and ends up sadder, so my housemate S suggested I put on something more upbeat as a bonus at the end. Here's to the future, and to still loving Kon in all his many variations, even after September.

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