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Prompt Masterlist

Sorry that I disappeared! I will try harder to be back now.

Here are all the prompts for the [community profile] kon_a_thon. Hopefully they inspire you! It would be great to get more fic and art and so on! There are also lots of prompts at [ profile] dc_kink, [ profile] dccomics_meme, [ profile] yj_anon_meme, and [ profile] rarecomicskink, if you're looking for further inspiration.

Icons! I would love it if someone made some icons I could use for this comm (and for myself).

Well, my housemate and I have searched for any Kon/Cassie/Tim/Steph, to no avail, so I will prompt that here.

And I still want Kon/Bart superspeed sex in public, too fast for anyone around to really notice.

Lex/Kon. I mean, anything! Anything! So long as it's not evil-Lex non-con.

Girl-Kon. Superman dies, Cadmus makes a clone, the clone is female. And she is just so annoyed and confused because why do people keep not believing that SHE IS SUPERMAN???

Kon/Cassie, first time!

Kon/Tana Moon, skinny dipping in the Pacific

Kon/Clark, Even heroes have the right to dream

Kon, fanart, something action-y if possible!

90s comics!Superboy/Young Justice animated!Superboy: They're both adjusting to life outside of Cadmus. For DCU!Superboy, this means moving to Hawaii and ogling girls in bikinis. For toon!Superboy, this means hanging at Mount Justice and being pissy at anything that looks at him wrong, up to and including inanimate objects. If they ever met there's a strong possibility there'd be an epic bitchfight, but once they got that out of their system they'd totally ~bond~ over their unique 'upbringing'. (Or: Can we throw Smallville!Conner in there, too? Because 3 Superboys are better than 2. (Even more or: Oooh, yes, definitely! The more Kons, the better! KONPILE! ...Although, I don't know how modern DCU!Kon would feel about being included. Running in to different Superboys might give him trauma flashbacks to Superboy Prime. (Sounds like a plot!)))

So I just learned there's a web browser (for Linux?) called Konqueror. Take that and run with it.

Black Canary/Superboy - either the Young Justice cartoon version or the comics version

Knockout/Kon/Poison Ivy: They're both ridiculously hot evil redheads and they both claimed Kon as their own pet boytoy early in his career. Naturally, this should lead to a sexified catfight over him, with Kon being being pulled this way and that and thoroughly used and abused and loving every freaky second of it.

Any fic/art in any universe where Kon becomes Lois & Clark's son. Or at least has a parent-child relationship with them. Bonus points if it's baby!Kon.

Kon/Cass Cain! She makes him pregnable.

Match/Superboy: Match believes he is the superior clone in every way. Speed, strength, stamina... *nudgenudgewinkwink*

Kon/Cassie Sandsmark: They both have super-strength, a penchant for violence and teenage hormones. Naturally, they've gone through a lot of beds together.

Kon/Cass Cain: breaking the bed

Arrested Development crossover: Kon-El gets adopted by someone in the Bluth family?

Kon and Kara talk about their Superhero crushes

Cassie/Kon: Lasso-play! When Cassie's pissed off, being wrapped in the lasso is like being hit by lightning. When Cassie's turned on, the lasso has a very different kind of electric tingle...

Kal-el/Kon: To Superman, Superboy is a young hero who needs guidance. To Clark, Conner is a teenager who needs a family. To Kal-el, however, Kon-el is a beautiful boy who smells Kryptonian and who needs to learn his place with the House of El.

Kon/Tim: After years of seeing Robin's face half-hidden by his mask, Kon has developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with Tim's mouth.

Dick/Tim/Kon: Dick is absolutely appalled to learn Tim's never used Kon's TTK for kinky bondage games and sets about to rectify this tragic situation. Because everyone knows Tim can't say no to Dick. Kon gets a hands-on demonstration of Tim-Manipulation 101, Dick gets two hot teenagers to play with, and Tim's going to get those kinky bondage games, whether he wants them or not (although it's obvious he totally does)!

Conner and Krypto: Somebody mentions to Conner that walking a dog through a park is a surefire way to attract chicks' attention. So obviously taking a super dog for a walk (or a fly) is bound to attract hot superhero chick attention, right? Right?!

Kon/Bart: Sometimes when Bart gets too turned on, he vibrates so hard he falls through his bed and, on one memorable occasion, the ceiling. Which makes jerking off somewhat problematic. Kon's TTK is the only thing that can slow him down the way he needs.

Kon/Jason Todd

So I had a dream, and I detailed it when I woke up. Basically, Superboy and Red Robin go to a sort of apocalyptic world where some great dark force rules and there's this big rebel group, and a "savior" prophesized to come from two powerful houses. They learn that the powerful houses are the Batclan and the Superfamily. Also, there are code named rebel soldiers, named after nursery rhymes and child stories. The two guys meet two soldiers named "Boy Blue" and "Red Riding Hood". They are married, and Red is expecting a kid. Her kid is the coming savior. Kon is surprised to find that Red is not Cassie, not Tana, not any girl he knows. Her name is Thea. Short for Timothea. Timothea Wayne. And she's carrying his kid. Art or fic?

Please put all fills in the fill post! On LJ and on DW.

Happy Konning!

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